Friday, May 7, 2010


Last night I finally got my She-Wee.  What is a She-Wee I hear you ask?  Well, a She-Wee is a "portable urinating device for women". 

I got it for long rides in the country and for when we hike the Heyson Trail in October.  The idea is you can pee standing up like boys.  One of the guys in my office called it a Girlie Doodle.  It is a very bizarre little contraption, and I believe I will need to practice with it before I go...  I will keep you updated!

I have been think a lot about my fitness and how far I have come in the last 3 months.  Once the MDC is over I don't want that to stop.  I am enjoying my new found fitness and energy levels and want to continue to improve on that.  So I have worked out an exercise plan for the next month.

Cycling - 80kms per week
Running - 60 mins per week
2 other exercise sessions a week

I am riding about 60kms just commuting to and from work, so need to add longer rides home or an extra ride.  The plan for running is to get myself up to a 5km run (nearly there) and do that on the weekends.  Thursday night I will have my Start Running Group.  And Tuesday night I am going to walk home from work and do a few sprints within the walk.  No other running, just a few 30 second sprints.  There is also one bridge I want to run up to start getting used to running up hills.  As for the other exercise sessions, they can be anything - swimming, yoga, football with the kids, boxing, hiking, whatever comes my way.

I have started reading the Intuitive Eating book and so far it has some good messages.  So as far as eating, I am going to start trying to listen to what my body needs, rather than what my head wants.  There is a difference, I just need to be able to identify it. 

Daily Goals
1)  Drink 1.5 L of water
2)  Add an extra few kms to my ride home
3)  Listen to my body with regards to food
4)  Relax tonight, and sit down and knit in front of the TV
5)  Try not to go insane at work considering I am the only one in the office today

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Classic kylie classic ROFL. When I saw this in your facebook status last night I thought, oh kylie's going to start eating sea-weed I thought she is really getting healthy. I am sure glad I didnt put anything in you status LOL

Linda50 said...

What an interesting piece of equipment - very practical and good luck with the MDC. I ran OK this morning so I should be good for Sunday. "Listen to your body" is one of the phrases Craig Harper uses but like a lot of his great advice easier said than done - my head over-rules most times.