Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Thinking About Food

Last night was our first Cooking Class for this course which is the Gourmet Vegetarian class.  As with the last one we did, week 1 was a demonstration and information night.  Natalie made Parsnip Soup (which I plan on making tomorrow night), a Ricotta Flan with honey roasted vegetables, and Dreamy Pavlova.  We got to have a little taste of it all and everything was SO good!  Next week we are doing 2 recipes on our own - a sweet potato croquette with a tangy salsa, and sticky date and toffee pudding.  Ross is going to do the pudding, and I will do the croquettes.  I can't wait!

I have actually been thinking a lot about food lately.  While I am content with my plan to not focus on my weight, I am interested in being fit.  And part of fitness is what we eat.  In the last 2 months or so I have been getting out of control with my eating again.  Not all day like I used to, but in the mornings.  I have a good breakfast, then about 9.30ish I lose it.  I am not hungry but I start eating crap.  It finishes at lunch time when I am so full.  Then I don't eat in the afternoon, have a healthy dinner and go to bed.  The hours between 9.30am and 1pm are really ruining things for me.

I want to eat good whole foods - not crap.  And I want to be in control of my eating.  Not control it as in calorie counting, but be in control of myself.  So I am going to start slowly.  The one thing I have noticed I have started doing again is using butter.  I hadn't used it in a couple of years, now all of a sudden everything is slathered in it.  So the first thing I am going to do is stop with the butter.  The other thing is to stop visiting the bakery.  If I can do those 2 things I think I will be well on my way to starting to get this under control.

I have a book called "Intuitive Eating" by Evelyn Tribole at home.  I think I will dig that out and start reading it.  It teaches you to be aware of your bodies hunger signals and to eat what your body needs, not stuff it full of crap.  I really want to get control of this as I know that if I fuel my body right, my fitness will benefit.

Daily Goals
1)  Drink 1.5L of water
2)  Go for my final run before the MDC
3)  Dig out the Intuitive Eating Book
4)  Try not to get too annoyed at work
5)  Don't binge this morning



eattolivelivetorun said...

A vegetarian cooking class sounds amazing! I wish we had those here. Be sure to take some pics of your dishes, I want to see them!

Emz said...

Mmm yummy, that sounds great, Kylie. The sweet potato croquette sounds delish. Which reminds me.. I should have you guys around for tea soon! Although my cooking is not nearly as good as yours :P I'm very basic!!

GOOD LUCK this morning - you can do it!!! It's funny how our problem times can change, like we were talking about the other night.. Do you like avocado? I like to use that instead of butter because it tastes kind of ... oily?? In a good way!

Catch up soon xox

Jess @ THIR said...

Did you blog just like change sides or something? I got confused with it, lol.

And I'm with you, I want to stop thinking about food and learn to listen to my body (ie, interpret the scream for Maccas as a need for protein or good fats, instead of actual maccas!!)

I am excited about the MDC for you... yay!

MelBird said...

I'm going to give hypnotherapy a go in a couple of weeks - i'll let you know if it works for me