Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nothing Much Going On

I wanted to Blog today but then I realised, I really have nothing to say.  I haven't run since last week and I didn't go to cooking class last night.  I have had tummy issues.  Occasionally "that time of month" triggers a severe case of flatulence and bloating.  This is one of those months.  The bloating and general icky feeling is why I haven't been running.  The flatulence is why I chose not to go to cooking class last night.  I didn't really think it was fair on the other class members....  LOL

I found out yesterday to camp I was meant to go on with Camp Quality in July has been cancelled for various reasons.  The kids won't miss out, but it means I am not needed for camp until next year.  This frees up a week of holidays for me.  YAY!  Ross & I have a Travel Voucher to the Yorke Peninsula.  I was thinking we could use that.  Go late July or early August.  The general plan is that we would ride there (approx 200kms) over 2 days, stay 4 nights, then ride home again.  We don't have the logistics worked out but I think we can do it.  We are upping our exercise for the trek in October anyway, and this type of endurance can only help that.  We still have a few things to work out, but at this point I am thinking this will be the way to go.

The other thing I am thinking about, now that we have a car again, is to start focusing on my Reiki.  Once cooking class is over I will put aside Monday or Tuesday nights to go out and do some Reiki.  I have some friends lined up who want a session.  I am doing free practice sessions for a while until I am more confident.  Once I have a grip on it I will do my Reiki 2 then think about maybe starting a small sideline business.  It is exciting but scary.

That's it from me for now.  Hopefully I am feeling up to a run tonight.  If I don't run tonight it is doubtful I will go to Running Group on Thursday, but we will see how I go.  I just want to do a 2km and try and run it a bit faster.  Fingers crossed I am feeling okay.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!



Trace said...

Hi Kylie, I know this sounds crazy but running helps with my icky feeling and bloating. When you start off its not easy at all but if you can hang in there your ickiness goes and you start feeling really good. All the girls at hockey are the same. Might be worth a go. ox Trace

Kylie said...

Thanks Trace. I will give it a shot. :o)