Friday, May 14, 2010

Running Group

I did it.  I was a very brave little girl and I went to the Running Group.  I was so scared.  I even told the coach I was terrified.  He thought that was funny. 

So we started with a little chat.  He talks abut a different topic at the beginning each week.  This week was shoes and gear.  Then he told us where we were going, and we were off. 

Right away it was clear I was the slowest.  There was another lady just a teensy bit faster than me, but yes, I was the slowest.  David, the coach, ran with me for quite a while and we chatted the whole time.  I don't normally talk and run, so this was new to me.  I coped pretty well which just shows that my fitness is improving.  We stopped twice to gather everyone together and have mini chats.  The first one was about 3 mins and the second one only about 2 mins.  All up I ran for around 40 minutes (not sure exactly) and I did somewhere around the 4km mark.  The others went further than me.  Several parts of the run were out and back, and when the leaders caught me up going the other way I turned around with them.  But I ran the whole way.  Most of the others walked several times.  So even though I am painfully slow still, even David remarked on the fact that not once did I stop for a walk break. 

The we all stretched (I learnt a few new ones that felt good) had another quick chat and it was time to head home.  David has suggested that I do 2 actual runs during the week and skip the sprints for now.  Happy with that! :o)  I know I can't do 2 long runs though so here is the plan.

Tuesday night - 2km run and work on doing it faster than my normal shuffle
Thursday night - running group
Weekend - 5km run

I am so glad I went.  Everyone was so nice.  The regular running group came past us at one point and the ladies were so encouraging and made me feel really good.  I am now looking forward to next week.

Weekly Personal Challenge Update
Cycling - 59.7/80kms
Running - 40/60 mins
Other - 1/2

Daily Goals
1)  Drink lots of water
2)  Don't buy any crap food
3)  Ride home the longer way
4)  Finish my daily to-do list (putting that on here really seems to help me get through it)
5)  Chillax with Ross tonight

Have a great day everyone!



Trace said...

Great work Kylie the first step is always the hardest and you sound like to smashed it :) congrats I bet you feel like a million bucks and looking towards a very motivated winter ox Trace

Linda50 said...

Wow Kylie - that is great. Glad you want to go back next week. The first of anything is always the hardest. I'd better get my act together or you will be running past me come September 19.