Sunday, June 6, 2010

Body, Mind & Psychic Expo

Yesterday I spent the day at the Body, Mind & Psychic Expo helping out at the Animal Dreaming Stand.  We had such an amazing day!  I don't think it was as busy as last year, but maybe that is because I was behind the stand rather than walking around out front.

I admit, it was a long day.  We started at 10 and it went till 7, although I left at around 6.30 as there were really very few people left.  I am an office worker by day so spend most of my day sitting on my butt.  9 hours on my feet was HARD!  LOL.  The weird thing is, it didn't feel like 9 hours. 

We had such an amazing day.  The people that we met were so amazing.  Everyone was happy and positive, and there was such an amazing energy around our stand.  Other stall holders mentioned that the energy around us was incredible.  There were 3 of us working there.  I have met Jeanette (who was running it) a couple of times but had never met Ilona before.  But the 3 of us worked together so well! 

I really put myself out there.  I was standing out the front and giving out affirmations which was drawing people in to us so that we could show what we had and do some one card readings with the amazing Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards and the Creature Teacher cards. 

It was scary being out the front and being 'visible', but it was fun and it was empowering.  And something I need to learn to do.

I did get the chance to go for a wander around the Fair.  My Mum and Ross came down and I had a chance to have a squizz at everything.  I was doing really well at not spending any money until the very end...  I found this gorgeous little meditation stool from Black Dragon Seats.

It is really comfy.  I often find when I am sitting cross legged on the ground that my legs cramp up quite quickly and my lower back aches.  I sit on a cushion, but it isn't really any support.  This little stool has 3 adjustable heights, and is surprisingly amazingly comfortable.  I sat down on it after I had been working on the stand for around 7 hours.  I swear, I wanted to stay there for the rest of the day.  Because we were working there the guy gave us a 10% discount which was lovely of him.  It was still more than I wanted to spend, but considering I didn't buy hardly anything else, it was still a way cheaper day than last year!

I also got to meet the team from the Free the Bears Fund.  I had a chat to the Co-ordinator and have the details for the next volunteer meeting that I have already booked into the diary.  I am really looking forward to starting to work with them.

I think the main thing for me that I got from the day though, is that now I know without a doubt I want to be in the spiritual healing world.  I have a lot to learn.  This is a process and a journey and I accept that.  But I felt so energised and content there.  That is where I want to be.  I am doing well with my Reiki, and I am studying the Tarot.  I have so many other things I want to learn.  And I will.  I just have to learn patience (not one of my strong suits) practice what I already know, get myself out there, and learn.  It will come.


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Emz said...

Wow, that stool looks great, Kylie :) Enjoy :) I'm so glad you're finding your path.. it really sounds like the spiritual side of things is where your talents lie! Hope you had fun at the fair again today!
Em xo