Monday, June 14, 2010

Weigh In

Well, one week of my new calorie counting is done and dusted. I'll be honest here, I didn't "count" every day.  Or most days really.  But I have been a lot more conscious and have stopped buying that morning bag of wicked twisties every day, and the afternoon bun.  The result was a 1.9 kg loss, so I am extremely happy with that.  I will be more vigilant this week, and will be riding to work every day again as well.

I finally set up my Facebook Fan page for my cards.  It is called 'photo cards by kylie ann'.  Anyone who is on Facebook, do a search for it if you are interested in my cards.  So far there are only 9 variations up, but more photos will be here this week and I will have about 15 or so up soon.  I'll post the pics at the bottom of this blog for you.

Today has been fairly easy going.  MIL had several things that she needed to get out and do so I have been here with Grandad most of the day.  He has been asleep for most of it though, only getting up for an hour or so to have lunch and a cuppa.  He was really perky yesterday but it seems to have tired him out for today. 

While he was up I decided to do some baking to give me an excuse to stay in the kitchen with him without it looking like I was watching him.  I made my specialty - Honey & Oat Cookies.  I love these!  We won't even discuss the calories though...  LOL  But I figured that Ross could have them for breakfast.  He doesn't usually bother with breakie but with his new job I would like him to have something.  And I know he will eat these.

I also decided to make something for dinner.  We need something Grandad can eat with one hand, so nothing that requires cutting.  We had soup last night and pasta bake the night before so I also wanted something with protein in it.  I ended up doing a pasta bake, but added lentils and TVP.  Hopefully it tastes okay.

I was hoping to get the garden bed ready for planting as well, but domestics have taken up the day.  Not to worry though, I will do it next weekend.

Here are the cards I have up so far, in case you are interested.


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