Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fitness Goals

It is time to focus and set some winter goals for myself. As always I have been inspired by Mel over at Tri Hard to Triathlete. She is an incredible force and I have decided to take a leaf out of her book, get off my ass, and do something.

So I have decided that by the end of winter (10 weeks and 5 days away) I want to have achieved 5 things. They are:

1) Run 2kms in under 15 minutes – still slow, but significantly faster than I am doing now.
2) Run 5kms without stopping – any speed
3) Ride 1000kms – seems like a lot but is less than 100 kms per week
4) Lose 10 kgs – I will take this Mondays weigh in as my starting point
5) Attended 5 x beginner Yoga classes

Rather than checking in in the main part of my blog, I have set up a goal checklist in the sidebar. I will update it as things happen and report when major milestones are reached. It is a massive undertaking, but to be honest I need something to focus my energy on with everything that has been happening.

I will do a 2km run in the next few days to get my baseline. I will get back on the bike as of Friday. Yoga starts this Saturday. Junk food going in the bin.

My time is NOW!


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MelBird said...

wooo whooo!! Well done....the hardest part is taking your clothes off and jumping in the pool when its cold (ie starting)