Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bob's Farewell

Today we farewelled Bob, my darling Father in Law who we lost too soon. Ross, Di and I were all shown just how lucky we are today, with all the love and support we have received.

The funeral went really well, and I know Bob would have been pleased with how it went. Those that spoke did so with love and dignity. I read a story called Waterbugs and Dragonflies by Doris Stickney (see previous blog post). I made it through with no tears, and only lost my place on the page once. It was scary but I did it for Bob, and for Ross & Di.

Ross made it through the day with dignity. He has shown these last weeks how strong he is. I don't think he knew that he had the strength he does. I hope he can now see that he is stronger than he thought. We have talked about what happens now, and know that he needs to keep taking his anti-d's, as reality will hit soon and he may need the chemical support. He knows that it is okay to need this.

Di is doing well. She is surrounded by family and those that love her, and is doing well. When all the rellies are gone it may be different, but we will be here for her.

And lastly, I am ok. I am so far beyond exhausted that I think we need a new word for exhausted. But back to work tomorrow and I have a Guide Camp on the weekend, so no rest for me. But I am eating well, and exercising so hopefully that will see me through.

Again, from Ross and myself, I would like to thank you all. You are wonderful, lovely, amazing people, and I am so glad you are in all my life.


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Linda - Gold Coast said...

Kylie, I couldn't help but have a cry when I read your blog. The story you read was so moving and how well did you do by not crying. I'm sure Bob would have been very proud. My deepest condolences are sent to you, Ross and Di and all Bob's family. I hope with the coming months you will all be able to overcome the raw grief that you are all feeling now. Take good care. Linda xoxo