Sunday, October 11, 2009


This weekend R & I took our niece K camping. It was her birthday pressie - even though her birthday was in July. :o)

We went to Kuitpo Forest in the Adelaide Hills. It is a beautiful place. Normally... This weekend it wasn't so great, although we did have fun. The camping ground was full of families, which is wonderful, but it was also full of loud mouthed drunken yobbos who spent the entire evening setting off fire crackers and hooning around.

But the worst part was that the one and only long drop (camping toilet built over a very very deep hole in the ground for those of you not familiar) was full. Yes, you read it right. It was full. There is nothing more disgusting than having to go to a toilet where the 4 metre deep hole in the ground is filled with "toileting"... By this morning it was even worse with many of the drunkards having become "ill" overnight and using the long drop to vomit.

Moving on though, we did have a great time. K is 12, so she is at a great age. We kind of got a bit 'misplaced' heading there... As in, we didn't take a map and I picked the wrong turn off. I kept swearing that the roads looked familiar. And they did. Because they took us to a friends farm 30 kms further on than where we were meant to be. :o)

So by the time we got there it was quite a bit later than we had anticipated. We set up, then got the fire burning so we would have good coals to cook in later.

We spent the afternoon and evening talking, laughing, cooking, playing games (Uno and Pictionary the current games of choice), and just generally having fun.

After dinner we had to have Marshmellows, after all, what camping trip would be complete without roasted marshmellows over the open fire. Plus, fire ban season is about to start so we had to enjoy it while we could as there will be no more fires for several months.

We had a great time. This is the first time we have been camping with another person. It is one of those activities we really like to enjoy on our own, however it was great having an extra person there. We have invited her to join us again.


Anonymous said...

It's one of the great things about being a can get lost and it's ok :) Glad to see you had a great weekend and you're back on board with the cycling :)

Anonymous said...

Hey are you going to do the Pink Tri?