Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thinking About Tri-ing

The Tri Pink was meant to be in Adelaide at the end of November. Due to the venue receiving a government grant to do a major refurbishment, it had to be cancelled.

I was reminded today (thanks Mel) about it. When it was first cancelled I was relieved. I have done no training whatsoever and am completely unfit again. But I decided at the time to try and work towards the Melbourne one and fly or drive over for the weekend.

Since then of course, ‘life’ has confused matters and we are now about to move and are back to a one income household. This makes the option of going to Melbourne near on impossible.


She has a thought…

Maybe I can do the Melbourne Tri Pink in absentia. I can do it here, on my own, on January 31. Yes, it won’t be the same as doing the actual event, however it gives me something short term to work towards that won’t cost me any money and that I can actually achieve. It also means I don’t need to wait until November next year to do my first Tri.

So, Smudge has made a decision. She is going to Try to Tri on Jan 31 2010.


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ABB said...

YAY Smudge! I'm doing the tri here in Melbs so we can cheer each other on for training :)