Wednesday, October 14, 2009

House Hunting

So it has now been a week since we found out we have to move. This house hunting stuff is hard! We went and looked at a place on Monday night. It amazes me that people ask so much money for some little crap hole. Don't get me wrong, it was a nice enough place. And if it were $50 a week less in rent we would have applied. But we would NEVER pay what they were asking for it. The thing is, the Property Manager ran out of application forms in the first 5 minutes! She had to email them out to anyone else who was interested. There were at least 50 people while we were there, and more walking down the street as we were walking away. So the owners will get there money. It is definitely an owners market right now...

So we have 3 more inspections lined up so far. The one tomorrow night looks promising, the only problem is they want someone to move in now, and we need another month before we can realistically move as I can't afford to pay rent on 2 places for a month. Then there is another one next week, and another one the following week. Hopefully one of them turns out to be something decent.

In the meantime we are busy packing and moving stuff to storage to make the actual moving day easier. One thing I have noticed, is that in the 2 years we have lived where we are now, we sure have accumulated a lot of crap! :o) We start doing 'dump runs' this weekend. The plan for this weekend is to get the outside rumpus room and shed done. Then I can start on the inside of the house. The one good thing about Ross being out of work, is that he is doing a lot of this while I am at work. :o)

Anyone reading this, please send us good house hunting positive vibes. :o)


Linda - Gold Coast said...

Hi Kylie - Came by from CK. Renting is the pits to put it midly. I am sending positive vibes to the Rental Gods for you and Ross to find the perfect little home. You so deserve it. It's shocking how much c**p one can accumulate in a short period of time isn't it! I am trying to declutter but it's taking longer than I thought. Keep smiling Kylie. Linda ♥

Anonymous said...

Lots of good renting karma from me too - I hate house hunting/moving. It's a great opportunity to declutter and simplify your life tho ♥