Thursday, October 8, 2009

Life's Curveballs

2009 has been a ‘challenging’ year for my husband and I. I won’t go into details. Too long and too boring. Our latest curveball came by way of a letter from our landlord 2 nights ago advising us the owner wants to move back in to the house we rent. We have 5 weeks to move…

Tuesday night we were in a tailspin of panic. This morning we are at peace. While moving was certainly NOT in our plans (or budget) we have no choice in the matter so we may as well look on it as an adventure. A change is as good as a holiday they say, and we sure could use a holiday…

We have already arranged temporary accommodation (in case we don’t find somewhere within the prescribed time). We have use of a trailer for free for dump runs and taking things to storage. 3 amazing friends have offered us the use of their sheds for storage if needed. We found a new home for George the Budgie, and a temporary home for the cats if needed. We have started packing up stuff and already have a trailer load ready to go to storage. And we have some leads on potential new homes. And all of that in only 36 hours!

The next phase of our lives has begun. We had fallen into a rut and it seems we needed this to happen in order to see this and to get out of it. We have many options open to us and it is time to start exploring them.

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