Friday, October 30, 2009

New Home and Looking for Recipes

Tonight Ross & I went to see the unit we are moving into in 2 weeks. It is absolutely lovely. A lot smaller than where we are now, but lovely. But that we have seen it we have more of an idea of what we can take with us and what needs to go into storage. This weekend will be filled with packing and organising. I want to have everything that is going into storage gone by next weekend. We can then start moving the smaller things over to the unit throughout the week before we move the big things over. I hate moving, but to be honest I want this over with.

On to more interesting things, I have been busy looking for vegetarian recipes. The Taste website is amazing and has loads of great sounding, not to difficult looking, vegetarian recipes. If I have a chance to get to the supermarket on Sunday I will try one or two on Sunday night.

Tonight we were wickedly evil, and ordered pizza. I usually get a chicken one or, believe it or not, a meat eaters one. Pizza is the one thing I really enjoy a lot of meat on. However tonight I decided to try the vegetarian one. And can I just say, it was delicious.

Tomorrow night I have a Halloween Sleepover with my Girl Guide Unit. With everything that has been going on I am completely under-prepared, however my co-Leader has been brilliant and has gotten everything ready. As much as part of me feels I really don't have the time for this, another part of me feels that having a break completely away from everything that has been going on is exactly what I need. But, I have made a commitment so I will be there.


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Lyn said...

Hi Kylie,
I am not a vegetarian, but vegetarian pizza is my favourite. We do eat vegetarian meals quite a lot, but I don't really have any recipes, I just make it up as I go along! Glad to hear your new home is so nice.