Thursday, October 15, 2009

Possible Solution...

Last week, when we first got told we had to be out of our house by the end of the lease, a friend of ours offered us her unit (that is conveniently about to be vacated by the current tenants) to use as a temporary measure in case we couldn't find anything in time. This unit will be available for us to use until February next year.

Then Mum rings and says that if we haven't found anything by February we can move into her shed for a few months (it's better than it sounds and I have lived there before). We can't go there now as my brother and his family are living there while their house is being renovated.

So we have all of this as a back up plan.

Last night I could not sleep. I am so stressed about money. R is still not working and everywhere we look the rent is a minimum of $20 higher than what we are paying now. And for houses that are half the size with no storage space. It is really freaking me out.

So I started thinking. Instead of using the unit and Mums as a back up plan, why don't we use them as 'the plan' until R is working again and back on his feet. Yes, it will be an adjustment going back to something so small, but if it means we are not struggling quite so much to pay the bills then it will be worth it. Hopefully it will only be a short term solution, and R will be working again soon, but it is still a possible solution.

I am all for it, but R is still thinking things over. He loves his space and his gardens. We looked at another house last night and have 1 more tonight, 1 tomorrow night and 2 on Saturday. Part of me is hoping they are as crappy as the ones we have seen so far, because then R will come around and agree to downsize for a while.

Yes it will be hard, but if we can get back on top of things financially (which has been a huge struggle this year with only one not very big income) then I think we will be happier, no matter where we are living...

EDIT: (a couple hours later) R has come to the party. No more house hunting. We are moving to the Unit. :o)

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Anonymous said...

That's great!!!!!! Huge relief for you both and one less thing to worry about :)