Thursday, October 15, 2009

One step closer

Well, I am one step closer to starting to jog again. I bought my new sneakers tonight. :o) I went there planning on getting a pair of Nikes. I have always had Nike jogging shoes (although never used them for running or jogging) and I have always loved them.
But the several pairs I tried on didn't fit my right foot very well. The arch sat just behind my actual arch and felt very uncomfortable. Although the left foot felt wonderful. So the lady in Rebel Sport - who was wonderfully patient and helpful - convinced me try venture out and try other brands.
My cross trainers (which I was wearing) are New Balance so she suggested a pair of them. Well, they felt great. :o) So I was sold.
Tomorrow I am catching the tram to work which involves 3kms of walking between home and the tram then the tram and work, so I will test them out. My fitness is shocking at the moment, so no jogging just yet, but I am ready to start working on it again.
I am feeling good.

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