Friday, October 9, 2009

Interesting evening

I have had an eventful week, which has included among other things finding out we have to move, a new job (started 6 days ago), and a funeral today.

However this evening was interesting and I wanted to share it.

A few weeks ago I got sent the details of a research project that is being conducted by Adelaide University about women returning to cycling after a hiatus of some kind. I emailed the Researcher and said I was interested. Tonight I was interviewed for the project.

The interview lasted about an hour. It was really fun talking about why I started cycling and my thoughts and feelings about various aspects of cycling and the cycling community. It actually made me think about things in ways I hadn't before which was great.

The thing that really came of of it, is that I have found the inspiration I have been looking for to go back to training for my ride to Melbourne. Although I really have no idea when we are going to be able to afford to actually do the trip, I would like to start training again. It won't start in any seriousness until after we have moved as I won't have time, however once that has happened I am ready to start.

It is funny how these things happen. I have been floundering for so long, and it takes just one discussion for things to start to shift in your head...

Like I said, an interesting day...

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