Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The 50 Things Project - The Final List

I am pleased to announce the completion of this years round of the 50 Things Project. I have gotten rid of 50 things in the last few months, and believe me, it feels great! There are a lot of little things that are not on this list, things that were so inconsequential they got thrown without second thought. But this is the big list.

It’s weird, I really do feel free-er (is that a word?) after finishing this. It’s like - by getting rid of the old I have given myself permission to start with the new.

So here it is, the final list…

Already on the list:
1) Brown cabinet (old TV cabinet) -hard rubbish
2) Old clothes that are too big/don't wear anymore - Goodwill
3) Old craft magazines that have been stored and not used in over 10 years - bin
4) Dried and half used paints - bin
5) Textas/crayons from when I was at TAFE - going to R's friend who has an intellectually disabled daughter who loves to colour in
6) Left over miscellaneous craft things from Garage sale - bin
7) Kids books - will give to friends who have kids
8) Old posters/wall hangings that have been in storage since I moved to SA - bin
9) White cupboard that is falling apart - Hard rubbish
10) White wardrobe no longer use - back to Mum's
11) Metal computer table – Hard rubbish
12) Unused craft stuff (things I haven't used in over 5 years) - bin
13) Taped videos - bin (I no longer own a video player so no point keeping these)
14) Excess sheets/towels - Goodwill
15) Excess coffee mugs, dinner plates - Goodwill
16) Spare TV cabinet – Hard rubbish
17) Spare wooden desk – Hard rubbish
18) Futon - Megan
19) Spare wooden drawers - hard rubbish
20) Fabric - Sent to Mums to add to her stash
21) Spare computer monitors and cases - hard rubbish
22) Old Uni assignments (have held on to for nearly 20 years) - bin
23) Books no longer want – Book exchange
24) Grey carpet mat - Hard rubbish
25) Radio Gramophone – Hard rubbish
26) Old tent - hard rubbish
26) Pappasans - hard rubbish or to my MIL's
27) Spare computer chair - dump
28) Old costumes (mostly falling apart) - bin
29) Bits & pieces I used to use in my previous volunteer work - bin
30) Plastic hall runners - hard rubbish
31) Exercise bike - to be sold
32) 2nd fridge - to be sold
33) Plastic outdoor chairs (broken ones) - hard rubbish
34) Small (stained) outdoor table - hard rubbish

The list continues…
35) Black rug – bin
36) Old car (yes car) – sold to an auto wrecker
37) Overlocker – Ebay
38) DVD’s we don’t watch – Ebay
39) Gym set – Ebay
40) Punching bag – sold to Megan
41) Lawn mower – Grandad
42) Oil heater – hard rubbish
43) Air conditioner that doesn’t work – hard rubbish
44) Plants and pots – to my Mother in Law
45) White bookshelves – hard rubbish
46) Black drawers – hard rubbish
47) 2 x hallway shelf units – hard rubbish
48) Massive ceramic pot – bin
49) Guitar (not used in 5 years) – to be sold
50) Wooden hand drum – to be sold

Ross told me last night he was feeling really good about the amount of culling we have done, and he can’t wait to get stuck into the things in storage so we can get rid of a whole lot more. This is a real positive step for him as he has always been such a hoarder. I guess this means that next year we can do another list! YAY!


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