Monday, November 16, 2009

Weddings and Weight Loss

Can I just start by saying that I do not like weddings. I am aware that this makes me a bit of a freak. And I am ok with that. I like the ritual of it and what it stands for (after all, I have been married twice myself). I like the ceremony. It’s all the rest that I don’t generally like. I hate long drawn out services. I hate hours of speeches, formal sit down dinners, small talk with people you don’t know, and the general feeling of falseness of a lot of it.

So I went to a wedding yesterday in blistering 40 degree heat. And I really enjoyed it. The ceremony was beautiful. 25 minutes from the time she walked in till the time it was done. The reception was causal, the food was great, the speeches were short and the people (none of whom I actually knew) were lovely.

The food – here came my first eating out meat-free challenge. They had finger food brought out progressively on platters. And everything was noted as being vegetarian, lactose free, or gluten free, which was a huge help. So there were 4 things I could eat, and they were all divine! I was tempted by the garlic prawns, but not in a way that I drooled over them. Just thinking, geez, they look nice. But I stayed away.

It was a lovely day, despite the heat, and I am so happy for E & T who make an absolutely stunning couple.

Weight loss – well… This last 4 weeks I have lost 2.2 kilos without really trying. Which is actually pretty good. But it will take forever if that is the pace I stick with. So I am going to start being a little more careful with what I eat. I am still not going to count calories, but the pizza and the ice cream and the chocolate and the hot chips need to go. I would like to lose at least 3 kilos in the next 4 weeks. Now that things are settling down, with the move just about over (still have to clean the other place) I should be able to re-focus a bit. And at least cook some more which always makes a difference.


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