Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rustic Greek Pie

I forgot to take a pic of last nights dinner. We had Spinach & Leek Fritters. It was pretty good. Very good actually. We didn't cut the spinach small enough, and should have used egg rings like the recipe said, but they were yum.

Tonight we had Rustic Greek Pie. I wasn't going to post the photos, as on the surface it looks like a failure. And to be honest, when I pulled it out of the oven I thought it was a failure. The pastry didn't hold on one side and some of the egg mixture poured out as you can see in the photo.

Obviously I decided to take a photo anyway. It smelled divine, and once it was cut up, it looked pretty good too.

Outcome? It was Delicious! So was the glass of wine I had with it. And that does not happen very often. Yet another meal I thoroughly enjoyed cooking, and thoroughly enjoyed eating. Next time I will make it in a quiche dish so the sides can't bust. Other than that, perfect!

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