Friday, November 20, 2009

Cutting back on uselessness

OMG… I am having heart palpitations. I just removed my 4 games from my Facebook Applications. What am I going to do with my life now????

I worked out I spend about 2-3 hours a day farming (Farmville), feeding fish (Fishville), attacking dwarves and dragons (Age of Castles), and fighting gangsters (Mafia Wars). That’s 2-3 hours – EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I get to work early, turn on the computer, and spend an hour or so doing what needs to be done in the games. I spend my lunch break at my computer, doing more. The I spend 1-2 hours of an evening, most evenings, finishing the harvesting, fighting, feeding etc.

I honestly did not realise how much time I spent on them until I sat down today to try and work it out. And I am stunned…

I want to write a book. No wonder I never have time to write. I am making a couple of knitted rugs, no wonder they are taking so long. I love photography, but I haven’t been out with the camera for ages. So as part of my effort to de-clutter and simplify things, I have deleted the games. I just KNOW I will have withdrawal symptoms. It will be hard. But what a complete waste of my life.

Now when I get home from work I don’t HAVE to turn the computer on to harvest, or feed fish. I can do other things. I can write, or knit, or cook, or even clean. I can go out for a ride, read a book, go for a walk, talk to my husband. This is scary and hard. Next step, turn the TV off… No, one thing at a time!


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Linda50 said...

Kylie, I can so relate to the Facebook game stuff. My work - selling Avon - is suffering because of it. I am weaning myself off them or getting them to a stage where I only have to check on them once a week and hopefully give them away all together. I am currently involved in Farmtown, Farmville, Zoo, Fishville and FishWrangler - as you say WTF.