Saturday, November 14, 2009

Moving Day

Well, today was the day. It was moving day. The weather forecast was for 39 degrees. So we started early. A lot of it had been done already. Which was good. And we really did well today. We had 3 AMAZING friends come to help us. And by 11.20am, the truck and the cars were unloaded. Of course, nothing was unpacked, but we were out of the sun and inside.

This is the current state of the dining room. This is from the doorway.

And the kitchen...

So far we have unpacked - The food, the TV, the computer, and set up the bed. The essentials in life....

One thing this move has done is shown us just how much crap we have. I am actually embarrassed by how much we own. We have filled the new unit, have things stored at 4 - yes 4 - peoples houses, and we threw away/gave away a mountain. It makes me feel greedy that I have so much. We have already done a lot of culling of belongings, but I can assure you the next 3 months before we move again (sigh...) will be spent doing some very serious culling. For 2 non-materialistic people, we seem to be very materialistic. Hopefully the next move is a lot easier.


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