Sunday, November 1, 2009

Meat Free Weekend

Well, I have just completed my first conscious meat free weekend. The plan was always to have today as a meat free day, but part way through yesterday I decided to aim for the whole weekend. Yesterday morning started off with left over vegetarian pizza. The other pizza we had is the Dominos 70's pizza, which I love reheated the next day, but I was strong and stuck with the vege one. Then peanut butter sandwiches for lunch.

Last night was tough. My Girl Guides had a sleepover at the Guide Hall, and the dinner provided was meat patties, sausages, baked potato, salad, and bread rolls. I decided to see how I went just having the potato, salad, and rolls. I made sure I did not go there hungry as I knew that would make it easier. I filled my plate with salad, added a potato and a bread roll and walked past the meat tray. I was still peckish after so I went back into the kitchen. The meat had started to cool, and I have to say, it looked gross. Problem solved, I grabbed another bread roll.

Tonight I picked a few recipes from the Taste website, and had a cook up. We had pasta with Arrabiata Sauce. It was a really yummy pasta sauce that had a huge amount of flavour. It was also super easy to cook up, and now that we have the spices in the cupboard, will also be super cheap.

Avocado & Corn Salad which was absolutely delicious. The recipe says to use a firm avocado, however we discovered it also needs to be quite ripe. It was really tasty though and I was surprised at how the flavour of the coriander came through.

And Cajun Mushrooms. These were fantastic. I didn't make up a huge amount as we were having the 3 dishes, but you could easily use this as the main part of your main meal.

My plating skills wouldn't get me onto Masterchef, but who cares. The dishes looked great together.

We loved each of the dishes, but felt that the pasta and the mushrooms didn't really go together. Both had extremely strong flavours, and they didn't really blend. Both went well with the salad though. Next time I would do the pasta with either this salad or a green leafy salad, and I would do the mushrooms with rice and either this salad or a green leafy salad. But all the dishes will definitely be made again.



Alibongo said...

Good job on the vegetarian dishes! The only problem I have (as a vegetarian) is that if you go somewhere that is providing food, you are often very limited in what you can eat, but you get used to that - sometimes even the salads have meat in them!!

Anonymous said...

It looks yum! I'm no where nearing being a vego but I love a good salad so I'll steal your avo and corn recipe :)
Good to see you're sounding positive and happy too - all is better(for now) in Tassie :) I'll put some Pink pics up after Sunday

Nachos said...

Those cajum mushrooms sound delicious, I'm going to have to try them!!! I eat soooooo many mushrooms :D

I've added your blog to my blogroll now!

Nat (found you via Calorie King's veg thread) xx