Monday, December 28, 2009

First run

Tonight I went for my first walk/run in approximately 8 months.  I was very nervous about it.  I have gained so much weight and I was worried about my knees holding up.  I was also concerned that I had absolutely no fitness left.

So we headed off.  Ross came with me.  We went to the parklands over the road.  It is usually quite crowded, but there are lots of sections, and ovals and parks.  We were lucky enough to find a section that was empty.  The plan was for a 30 minute walk and I decided I was going to attempt 2-3 running intervals, hopefully in the 30-45 second range.  Not alot, I know, but a start.

First interval, 39 seconds.  Pretty good.  I felt ok.  My legs fatigued before my lungs gave out, which I thought was a good sign.  Second interval, 46 seconds.  Third interval, 60 seconds.  By now I was feeling it.  After a few laps to recover I decided to try one last interval.  70 seconds.  Very impressive. :o)  Ok, so I wasnt running very fast.  More like a fast shuffle.  Ross was doing a fast walk/slow jog to keep up with me, so it was definitely slow, but who cares.  I an really happy with how I did.

When I got home I used our new Body Shop Massage Roller on my legs.  The backs of my legs and my calves feel a little tight, so I got Ross to give them a roll.  Felt great.

I am inpressed with my effort.  No pain in my knees or ankles.  And I enjoyed it.  Next run in Wednesday.  I am actually looking forward to it.


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Anonymous said...

Hot baths and massage will become your new best friend :) Just remember to stretch beforehand, especially calves and hamstrings.
You've just taken your first shuffle toward doing Pink next year :)