Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Walking Tall

I walked to work today.  It's not that far, about 3kms.  But I didn't sleep well as my back has been giving me grief (seeing the Chiropractor tonight - yay!) so I was sluggish this morning.  Since Ross is picking me up to go to the Chiropractor, I had to walk.

I headed off, running a bit late, kinda clomping down the street, feeling sorry for myself for no particular reason other than I didn't feel like walking.  After about 200 metres I realised this was going to be a looooong walk if I didn't do something about it.

So I threw my shoulders back, put my head up, and walked tall.  The weird thing, in less than 50m I was no longer tired and sluggish, and I had a GREAT walk!

There must be something to this.  I just finished reading 'Born to Run' and there is a whole chapter in there about our breathing in relation to posture and running technique.  I found it really interesting but didn't see the relevance to enjoyment until I actually tried it.  As soon as I stood tall and opened up my airways, I enjoyed my walk.

Try it.  You'll see.



Linda50 said...

Good on you Kylie. I have just ordered that book from my local library and will have a read over Christmas / New Year.

Kylie said...

It's an amazing book Linda. I would love to hear what you think of it!

Anonymous said...

Its true.....I read an article in a running magazine about motivation and how to get yourself out of bed and get out the door. Even tho you love the feeling of running and the feeling afterwards it's still hard to get going.....if only you could bottle it!