Saturday, December 5, 2009

Shopping Day

This morning we went back to Gaganis Bros Warehouse. We made a tip there last weekend with Mum, but just had to go back when we had more time. I only needed some red kidney beans for a chili I want to make, but I thought we could spend some more time looking through the kitchenware side. Oh if only I had an endless supply of money and a massive kitchen in which to store everything...

I finally bought myself a little garlic press, which is going to make things so much easier, as I seem to be making quite a few recipes with garlic lately. We bought more wine glasses and a few other bits and pieces. But my favourite things are...

A mortar & pestle. I love them and have always wanted one. But as I never really cooked before I never saw the need. But now I am sure I can make use of one.

And a red baking tray. I am making a spinach lasagna tonight and while I do have a dish I can use, the red one is so much better!

We got home and decided to sit down to a cup of herbal tea...

And some delicious chocolate that we got from Bracegirdles last night. Anyone who lives in Adelaide who has not yet visited this amazing house of chocolate, needs to get there asap.

The is Fairy Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate Mint Smash. Yummo.

Tonight we have friends coming over for Ross birthday (although is birthday was actually yesterday). I am looking forward to trying new recipes again.

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Annabel Candy said...

Mmm, wish I could pop round for a cup of tea and some of those giant freckles - that's what I call those chocs:)