Sunday, December 20, 2009

Herb Garden and new Pets

Before we moved out of our old place last month, we had started a really nice garden.  It probably would have been starting to bear vegies now.  Of course, we lost all that when we moved out.  We do not have a yard here at the new place, so there is nowhere to have a garden.

However I did not want to lose everything, so yesterday we set up a herb garden.  The window in our kitchen gets quite a lot of light, so we decided to start an ice cream container herb garden.  We have chives, garlic chives, parsley, basil and coriander, which are the herbs I seem to use the most.  So far they are all quite small.

I am hoping to be able to use them fairly soon though.  :o)

The other thing we have been missing since moving here is having pets.  We have 3 cats.  They are currently living with my mother inlaw.  And being spoiled so badly I am not sure we will ever get them to behave again.  But they are happy.

So today we went and got some new pets.  5 fish! 

Their names are Billy Bob,

Billy Sue,

Billy John.

Billy Joe,

and Billy Ray 

We will get more in a few weeks, but they guy at the aquarium centre said to start with just 5 while we get the tank set up.  I love fish.  And I am so glad to have pets again.  :o)


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