Saturday, December 26, 2009

Xmas Wrap Up

Ross & I have had a great Xmas.  It started Thursday night.  We decided to spend Xmas Eve over at Ross's Mum's house.  It has only been 2 months since his Dad passed so we did not want her waking up alone on Xmas morning.  We had a lovely evening together.  Xmas morning we woke early and I made pancakes for Ross & his Mum.  Ross went to pick up his Grandad (91 years old and still going strong) while Di & I made salads to take to lunch.  We did pressies when Ross & Grandad got back, and yes we got spoiled.  :o)

Off to lunch at my sisters.  My sister invited Ross's family to join ours for Xmas lunch which was so generous of her.  So for lunch there was us 4, my sister and her partner & 2 kids, my brother and his wife & 2 kids, and my Mum.  It was great.  We all brought food, and believe me, we did not go short!

Ross & I got home about 5pm and unpacked all the spoils of the day.  One of the best things was my Mum got us a whole heap of dried beans and legumes, and some cool containers to store them in.  I got out the label maker and put the beans straight into the containers.

I also got my very own rolling pin and wire cooling racks!  On my cookie weekend I borrowed them from my Mother in Law, so she decided I need my own. 

We were SO very full from lunch, so no dinner for us, but we did go for a walk.  Then we sat in front of the TV and both did some drawing.  I finished a drawing I have been working on for a while.  I can see so many problems with it, which is good because it means I can see where I am going wrong, but overall I am happy with it.  Six months ago I couldn't draw at all, so I am really pleased that this even resembles what it is meant to.

Today was a day of rest.  I pretty much did nothing, and I had a ball!  Dinner was something new again.  We decided to have kebabs and baby roast potatos.  I did the kebabs with tofu, mushroom, red & green capsicum and snow peas.  Then I put a mixture of sweet chilli sauce & hoi sin sauce on it and put it in the grill.  So delicious!

I also put the last of Xmas prawns onto skewers with the sauce mix and grilled them for Ross.  He loved it.

Tomorrow we have friends coming for dinner.  I have a bike ride planned for the morning, and other than cooking I am planning on another relaxing day.

I hope that everyone's Xmas was as relaxing as ours.


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