Wednesday, February 17, 2010

5 Daily Goals

Every day Jess over at That's Just How I Roll puts up 5 goals for herself for the day.  I think this is an awesome idea so I am going to start.  I will start small because I am still easing back into things this week, but hopefully these goals will get more challenging soon.

My 5 goals for today
1)  Stick to my eating plan
2)  Drink my water
3)  Ride instead of drive to my friends house tonight

ummm....  ok this is harder than it looks....

4)  Get caught up at work
5)  Do a load of laundry (am really behind) :)

That's me for today.  Let's see how I go.


1 comment:

swayerm said...

Yeah it is hard. I struggle by about the third thing as well!!

But, it's definitely a good way to make sure you get stuff done for the day. Make the mini goals for yourself, and when you get to tick them off the next day, gives you that little bit of confidence to keep it up the next day :)

And I stole it off someone else on CK anyway, so it's fine that you steal as well :)
Can't remember who it was though!!