Thursday, February 18, 2010

Back on the Bike

Last night I went for my first decent ride in quite a while.  I rode from work to my friends house - 7.5kms, then from there to home - 8.5kms.  Not a huge ride, but considering how slack I have been a good ride nonetheless.

The ride there was awesome.  For anyone who doesn't know Adelaide, it is on a very very slight slope from East to West, down towards the sea.  You don't notice in in a car, but once you get on a bike, you can tell it's there.  Especially when the winds are working against you.  So the ride there was heading west with a beautiful tail wind.  I got up to 42kmph going down a bridge which was SO much fun!

The ride home, not so much fun.  Slight up slope and a head wind.  The head wind through the city was so severe that at one point, on a relatively flat road where I would normally sit comfortably on 25kmph, I was struggling to stay at 13kmph.  It was TOUGH.  But I did it without getting off to walk so I am happy with that! 

This morning I am sore.  So tonight I will go for a walk to try and work out the stiffness.  It was awesome fun though and I can't wait to get out there for another good ride on the weekend.

Yesterday I completed all my daily goals which left me feeling quite proud, so let's go for another day.

Todays Goals
1)  Stick to my eating plan
2)  Drink my water
3)  Go for a walk after work
4)  More laundry - sigh...
5)  Knit half a square


EDIT:  I just registered for the Adelaide 2010 Earth Ride around the city.  We have had to withdraw our Relay Team due to low numbers which now means I can do this ride!  Am very excited.


Anonymous said...

OOOh I like the trickers you have on your blog now :)

Trace said...

Great Work on the Bike Kylie. Be safe and look forward to some more KM's :) ox Trace

Linda50 said...

Go Kylie