Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Update, Book Review, Game Review


First things first. Thank you to everyone for your kind wishes, love and support. I had the procedure yesterday. I am home and my main feeling at the moment is relief that it is all over. I am really tired, and a bit tender. But otherwise okay.

It is weird, but I am hanging to get back on the bike and to start running again. I plan on going for a few walks on the weekend and take it from there to see when I am ready to get back into it.

This whole thing has made me more eager than ever to start living my life to the fullest. It is like a switch has been flicked inside of me. We have a lot of obstacles in our paths still, but there is nothing stopping us from getting out there more and doing all the things we talk about. It is time to live.

Book Review

Last week on my Retail Therapy expedition I bought the book “Running Hot” by Lisa Tamati.

Spending so much time waiting around in the hospital for the last couple of days has meant I have finished it already. If anyone is in need of motivation to live your life to the fullest, this is the book for you. This woman is my age. She broke her back in hear early 20’s. Since then she has cycled half way around Europe. Canoed down the Yukon River in Alaska/Canada. Hiked across the Lybian Desert through a controlled military zone, sneaking past soldiers and outposts. And ran in several Ultra Marathons including the famous Badwater Marathon in the US. Throughout all of this she also became a qualified jewellery designer and has an amazing inventory of beautiful jewellery.

This truly is an incredible read. The things that this woman has done is astounding. I highly recommend grabbing a copy of this amazing book.

Game Review

Now this is something I would not normally do. My husband and I have a DS Lite. Although I got it mainly for myself, Ross is really the one who uses it. However I recently got a copy of “The Biggest Loser” for the DS.

Can I just say, I am loving it. There is calorie counting (although American and limited), recipes, daily exercise routines, quizzes, challenges, hints and tips. It is actually really interesting. I have set up an 8 week challenge for myself. You weigh in weekly, it offers an exercise and stretching routine for each day (which I have not been able to do yet, but will start as soon as I can), gives you a calorie allowance, and has quizzes etc to do. I will still use Calorie King to count my calories, as the game is quite limited, but need to then input them, plus calories burned into the game. At the end it gives you really cool graphs and charts (which I love) plus you get Bob & Jillian cheering you on. It’s a bit of fun, and I am hoping it will give me a bit of a boost for the next 8 weeks.

That’s all from me for today. I am back to work tomorrow. I wish I could have taken a few more days off, but I need to make some money so I need to get back.


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swayerm said...

If I had a DS I'd totally buy that.

I need crap like that for the Wii, cos I reckon the Mya chick on the Fitness Coach thing is a bit boring... I was Bob cheering me, what inspiration ;)