Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Recap

My weekend has been  busier than intended, and I really could do with another few days to recover.  But it was also pretty good so I shouldn't complain.

It started with our standard Saturday morning fare of eggs and soy 'bacon' rashers.

I love this breakfast.  It is so yummy and low cal and it feels decadent.  Then Saturday was spent out and about.  We had to help Ross's Grandad (who is 92 years old and still lives alone) with a few things, that turned into major dramas when he lost his only set of house and car keys.  Thankfully they were eventually found but it added a few extra hours to our running around.

In the morning I picked up some new Tupperware, and in my pack was my new steamer.  I have been waiting for this. 

Although I got it primarily for vegies, I decided to test it out on some Vegetarian Spring Rolls I got from the market on Friday night.

They were delicious.  Perfectly done.  And the steamer was SO easy to clean.  I love it.  And I will use it for veggies next. 

Today was my nephews 5th birthday party.  It was at a gorgeous park on the eastern side of Adelaide.  Ross & I were planning on riding there, but he has picked up a summer cold and can hardly breathe, so I went alone.  I decided to drive there and go for a walk around the lake before everyone got there.  My legs have been quite sore so I was planning on walking only.  Once I started walking though, my legs loosened up and I decided to give it a go.  I was a bit nervous as I was on a paved path and there were slight hills. 

The first run I did went for 2.5 minutes.  I was REALLY impressed with that.  It is equal to my best ever run and I am really only just getting back to it.  When I was walking again I noticed that there were markers every 200 metres.  So the next run I decided to see how long the 200m took me.  At 1 minute 40 seconds I hit the 200 metres.  I kept going and decided to aim for 400 metres.  At around the 300 metre mark my legs were screaming and my lungs were screaming and all I could think was where the F%^& is theat next marker?!?!?  LOL 

But I did it.  I got to 400 metres.  It took me 3 minutes and 25 seconds.  That is my absolute longest run ever!  I know it is not very far or very long, but for me this was a MASSIVE achievement, and I am SO incredibly proud of myself.  I am actually starting to believe that I might be able to do the Mothers Day Classic, then after that, who knows?  I feel great!

Daily Goals for Monday
1)  Drink my water
2)  Stick to my eating plan
3)  Get up early and do 30 minutes of exercise
4)  Don't try too many foods at my cooking class
5)  Organise one drawer at work (they are a mess and I only have time to do one a day)


Debbie C said...

Woot woot! Well done, hon! xoxox

swayerm said...

I did my blog too late to set my goals for the day :(

I will start again on Monday, lol.

I have been wanting to try that "fake-on" stuff, rather than bacon, but I haven't been game. I am scared that it will taste like crap, but I think you have inspired me!!

Well done on the run btw. I was going to take Superdog tonight, but I think I have done far too much exercise today, lol.

spunkysuzi said...

Wow!! You did awesome with the running :) Very nice, do-able goals for Monday!!