Monday, February 1, 2010

Updates: Vegetarian Trial, 10 for 10 & C25K

So after just over 3 months of eating as a vegetarian, it is time to make some decisions.  I have really enjoyed eating meat-free.  I have loved experimenting with the different recipes and discovering new flavours and food textures.  There have been some bombs in there too, but that's okay it's all part of it.  Physically I have been feeling fantastic.  The symptoms of IBS are all but gone.  I have felt strong and in control.

My weight has gone up a bit, however Xmas was in there, birthdays, & holidays.  Plus I have just discovered another possible reason for that which I am dealing with.  Besides, ice ceam and biscuits are vegetarian...

Have I missed meat?  The ONLY times I have missed it has been when I have been hungry and busy, and KFC or Maccas would make life easier.  But not having those as options is a good thing for me.

So, what have I decided to do?  Well, at this stage I have no desire to eat meat.  I am not a 'never again' person.  I don't know what tomorrow will bring.  But for now, I am happy with this way of eating.  I feel good and strong, so this is what is right for me right now.  I am sticking with it!

10 for 10 - January 2010 Update

2) Ride at least 3000kms
Rode 130.01 kms for the month. I should be riding 250kms each month to reach my goal, so I am behind. But I am sure I can make this one up as the weather cools down. Plus when I move in a couple of months I will be further from work so I will automatically be riding more.

3) Finish the knitted blankets
I have knitted 51 squares.  I need 96 and I did not make much progress ths month so I will have to stop playing random computer games and get back into it.

4) Lose 30 kilos
I actually gained 1 kg according to my WW weigh in. So that puts me behind the 8 ball. My goal of 30 kilos (now 31) still stands, but I now need to lose 3 kgs a month instead of 2.5 in order to reach that goal. Hopefully Weight Watchers will help me get there.  I do have a medical issue I am dealing with right now that could be hindering this as well, but I will hopefully have some resolution on that soon.

5) Be in a financial position to sponsor a World Vision child
Not there yet, but have made plans to move in with family soon so we will start getting on top of things soon.

6) Send at least one childrens story to a publisher
Working on the next story and have enrolled for a course on writing for children.

10) Keep in touch with my interstate friends in the old fashioned way - by writing actual letters with pen and paper.
One letter sent by snail mail so far.

The other day I mentioned I was planning on starting C25K this week.  A medical issue has now come up that means I need to delay this for a little while.  I am not sure how long for, but hopefully it will be resolved soon.  It also means I may not post as much as normal in the coming weeks, but I will be around and normal programming should resume shortly.



MelBird said...

Hey I hope everything is ok xoxo

swayerm said...

Awh, I hope everything is ok... sending you lots of love!!!

katt said...

I hope everything is okay.

Emz said...

Hey :)

Sounds like you've had a productive month! Sorry you're having health issues :( I hope you're feeling okay and get better soon!!

Good on you for sticking with the vegetarianism. It sounds like it suits you. I definitely haven't missed red meat yet and I seriously doubt I will!!

Must catch up again soon!!
EM xo

Kylie said...

Thanks so much for your kind thoughts and support everyone. I am okay. Just have a few things to deal with.