Monday, March 1, 2010

10 for 10 - Feb Recap

1) Run/walk the Mothers Day Classic in May
I registered!!!!!  I am now officially set to do this.  I have run a couple of times, best time is 3.5 minutes.  I am working on it and looking forward to doing this in just 2 months! 

2) Ride at least 3000kms
Didn't add a huge amount to this total this month.  In fact it was an embarrassingly small amount of only 72.87kms.  Which brings me to a grand total of 202.88kms for the year.  I should be at 500 by now so I have some serious catching up to do...

3) Finish the knitted blankets
I have made good progress and am now up to 62 squares.  Only 34 more and I can put them together.

4) Lose 30 kilos
I finally got started on this goal.  When I revised this goal after last month I had to lose 3 kilos a month to get there, and I lost 3.6, so that is dead on target.

9) Go on an overnight hike (first stage of Heyson if funds permit)
This is planned.  We are going in the 2nd week of October.  We have everything we need except for our oil skin hats.  The packs are ready, the tent is attached, we have out sleeping mats and sleeping bags.  Now I just need to get fitter!  :o)


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