Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thoughts on Running

I just have some random thoughts buzzing through my head on this whole running thing.  As I was running last night I was asking myself why I was doing it.  Let's face it, when you are my size (I have over 60 kgs to lose) running hurts...  It hurts your feet, your knees, your legs, your glutes, your calves.  Your lungs scream for mercy and at one point last night I actually thought that my heart was going to break free of my rib cage it was pounding so hard.

So the question is why. 

And I think I figured it out.  Despite the agony at the time, in some bizarre, macabre sort of way, I actually enjoy it.  I have no idea why - perhaps I have some otherwise undiscovered masochistic tendencies.  But I get a great deal of satisfaction out of pounding the pavement and moving my body in that (painful) way.

Last nights run was hard.  I felt really tight in the legs.  Particularly my hamstrings.  I think I need to start stretching before a run.  I always stretch after, but perhaps that isn't enough.  I did my 6 minutes then my 4 minutes.  And I tried to push the walking times a bit harder.  It went well.  I knocked a minute off my last time.  I have something different (hopefully) planned for Thursday.  I'll fill you in after it's done.

Daily Goals
1)  Drink water
2)  Eat healthy
3)  Order a peppermint tea tonight (Em, you're gonna hafta help me here)
4)  Start tidying my workspace
5)  Pack a box for storage



Jess @ THIR said...

I am the same. I have another 20kg to lose, but running still hurts.

There's some sort of pride to tell people that you are a runner though. I've always wanted to run. I always sucked at it, and there's some kind of (arrogance?) fitness level associated with runners. You know?

Besides, better keep the body guessing right? I figured I better start running cos it's something I've never done before... hence the triathlon as well. I could already swim and ride my bike... better learn to run!!

I best tidy my desk a little too.. it's getting to be a mess!!

Emz said...

Running is weird like that!! You get so much satisfaction and enjoyment out of finishing a run, yet it hurts oh so much!!

I'll help you tonight if you help me!! A mineral water for me!!

Em xo

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about running ... sometimes I feel strong, powerful, free, energetic and other times I feel defeated, heavy, slow, hurt, and impatient. I keep coming back for the good days though. :)

Linda50 said...

Kylie - running can become addictive. I am injured at the moment and very angry with my foot for not letting me run.

Re stretching beforehand - yes you can but it shouldn't be static stretching.