Thursday, March 11, 2010

This and That

Firstly I would like to say thank you for the lovely comments yesterday. I really appreciate it. I am working through my fears I think. I know it will take time. Many years of this need to conform has ingrained it deep within me, and I know it will take time and effort to break out of that. So thank you.

Last night was my 2nd writing class. I am loving this class and will be so sad next week as it is the last week. In just 2 short lessons I have learned so much and already I have made improvements on the stories I am working hard on to prepare to be sent to a publisher. I am trying to put my positive thinking into play here too. I WILL become a published children’s author, it is just a matter of working hard and being patient. But I WILL get there.

We have started the big pack up for the move as well. I can’t believe I am moving again. I hate moving. Ross took several car loads to the storage shed yesterday. It is hard working out what to take and what to store. The beauty of our storage shed is we have 24/7 access so we can get in there at any time to get to things if we need them. It means our camping gear, and my sewing machine, and a whole heaps of things that we use occasionally can be kept there and out of our way when we move to Di’s house.

The Biggest Loser is finally starting to inspire me this season - yes it has taken a while. These contestants, after being in the house for just a few months, are about to run (or may have already since I missed last nights episode) 21kms!


After just a few months! And I have been half-heartedly playing around and bullshitting for months. Time to take stock and really put myself on the line again. I currently have a terrible cold and can’t breathe through my nose, but as soon as I am over it I am getting back out there. I went out and bought some really cool support and compression ankle braces the other day.

My ankles don’t hurt when I run, but they ache for a few days afterwards so I am hoping these will help. I will let you know when I am back on the track.



swayerm said...

I was thinking that about TBL's half-marathon too... I must say though, I can WALK 21 km faster than caitlin ran it in, but holy hell, they did it, you know?

Why the hell can't I?? (Apart from being injured, lol)

So it's inspired me a little too, when my leg is better, to just get out there and go for a run, you know? I am not going to go for 21km, but I am definitely going to try at least 10km!!

Also, with your ankles... do you have custom made orthotics? I haven't had an issue with my ankles since I got mine, just thought it might be an idea :)

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

I get the same prob when I don't run for a while. It passes tho....its just cos you're not used to it


vivi19780125 said...
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