Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Yesterday I mulled (not moped, mulled) :o) over my blog post and everything behind it.  While doing that I ate healthy, drank water, and acheived all 5 of my daily goals.  Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and kindness yesterday.  I often think if I write a sad or not-so-upbeat post that people will stop reading before getting to the end.  So thank you for getting all the way through.

Anyway, although I know it is going to be hard as I have been lazy about this for so long, it is time to make some life changes (again).

So I downloaded the free trial of the calorie king software.  And I have to say - I like it a lot.  So I will be purchasing that.  Although it is more expensive than the CK membership, I have already stopped visiting CK and feel good with my decision.  I was getting sucked into the pettiness of the forums, and although often I didn't comment, the attitudes and nastiness were wearing me down.  So back to calorie counting.

I will continue with the cycling and walking/running I have been doing.  Once I move (in 3 weeks) I will be riding a much further distance to work so will automatically be ramping things up there.

One thing I will NOT be doing is getting obsessed like last time.  Last time I was doing really well, then all of a sudden I kept getting bits of (unsolicited) advice - eat less sodium, eat more protein, eat less carbs, stick to this macro-nutrient, stick to these micrograms.  AAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Seriously - I was doing well then I started to get all this extra advice that I hadn't asked for.  And this was from people who were meant to be supporting me within a forum I was active within.  Stupidly I began to listen to them.  I truly believe that when I started trying to adjust all these teeny tiny things is when it just got too hard and I fell off the wagon with a resounding thump!

So the plan is.  Stick to my calories - try to make them as healthy overall as possible without worrying about the small stuff.  Exercise.  Ignore the advice of others when I KNOW that this basic formula works for me.  Success will follow. 

On to other things....

Last night at cooking class we did 3 recipes.  We did a traditional style Quiche Lorraine that included making my own pastry from scratch, a Tiramisu, and a salad dressing.  I am way behind putting recipes up on my other blog, but once I have moved and things settle down I will catch up.

The salad dressing is divine.  I normally don't like or eat dressing, but I can see me having a tiny drizzle of this on salads.  It is around 40 calories per serve which isn't too bad.  I am going to make up another batch and leave it at work.

The Quiche was lovely.  But very high in calories.  370 calories for 1/8th of the pie, which is quite a small piece.  I had a piece last night, but I had allowed for it for the day so it is okay.  It was actually too buttery for me, so that small piece was enough.  I loved the pastry though but think it would be better in sweet dishes.

The Tiramisu looks great.  Ross did most of it himself.  But I don't eat Tiramisu so the whole thing is his, and it is a pretty big dish!  He is taking some for lunch today.  LOL

As we were leaving class I tripped down 3 steps.  Actually I stepped backwards into thin air coming out the door (mis-judged where the step was) while carrying Ross's Tiramisu.  Somehow I managed to place one foot on the bottom step, but I got thrown forward and as I took another step forward to try and get my balance I came down hard on my right leg.  Somehow I managed to stay upright (and saved the Tiramisu) but my whole right side (from ankle to upper arm) is sore today.  Last night I was in agony, but it settled down overnight.  My back is still pretty sore though.

The plan for tonight was to go for a run, but I will now have to see how I feel.  So my goals for today are:
1)  Stick to calories
2)  Drink my water
3)  Go for a walk (run if I am feeling up to it)
4)  Pack a box for storage
5)  Straighten up in the kitchen



Jess @ THIR said...

I am glad we started doing that daily goal thing. Really keeps me motivated.

I tend to make my quiches without pastry these days... saves a lot of cals! But you just reminded me that I have a heap of zucchini slice in the freezer I can have for lunches with salad... thanks!

And, I think your plan is awesome.
I've been getting some of that advice lately, and I have chosen to just ignore it now.
I have the software (got it when it was 23 bucks over xmas, yay!!) and it's SENSATIONAL.
Better food database too, I love it.

If you work out how to do the recipes properly, let me know... I can't work out where I put how many people it serves in!!

Anonymous said...

I must be food obsessed(sp) the first thought is I hope she saved the cake, then I thought no wrong thinking how is Kylie. But It sounds like your very sore so look after yourself

Now was the quiche vegetarian, if it was, what replaced the bacon. I trying to find a nice vegetarian quiche recipe.

Debbie C said...

You are sounding more positive, Kylie, and I don't blame you for wanting to do this YOUR way. Many people have lost weight just fine without having to obsess over macronutrient levels. You will know what your body needs if you listen, and I know you know the main thing it doesn't need is crap food. Take care of you. xxx

Linda50 said...

Totally agree Kylie. At the end of the day it is calories in calories out and to try and eat as healthily as possible. IMO if you cut out any particular food (just 'cos someones tells you too) you are more likely to want to eat more of it. Everything in moderation is my motto.

Emz said...

I;m really glad you're feeling better too :) I rarely go on the forums for the reasons you mentioned - the bitchiness and people giving advice. If you're not absolutely perfect, it's not enough!!! "That's too processed, eat this", "that cereal is too high in sugar". ARRGH! Many times I've fallen off the wagon for the same reasons as you. I'm so glad that you're doing it your way now :) I am also starting to find my way with it.

You sound like you're enjoying the cooking classes so much! I think it's great that you and Ross are doing it together. Is there any way you can 'healthify' the quiche?? I'm not a huuuuge fan of quiche, I'm more into frittatas, like that gorgeous looking roast veg one you posted up.

I really, really hope you're feeling better after your fall. Sounds nasty :( Hopefully it's just a minor bit of bruising and you'll be back to normal in no time. Get Ross to give you a massage with the massage balm once the inflammation goes down a bit!!

Em xoxo

PS. Tiramisu - YUMMMM!!! I'll help Ross finish that off :P :P