Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Second Cooking Class

Last night Ross & I got let loose in the kitchen at cooking class!  We did 3 recipes.  It was such a fun class.  I am really glad we decided to do it together.

The first dish was Indian Spicy Beans.

They look a little ordinary just sitting there in the container, but believe me, they taste delicious.  We are having them for dinner tonight so I will do a better photo.  I will be putting the recipe up over the weekend as well.

Then we did Sushi.  We actually started the Sushi while we were doing the Indian Spicy Beans as the rice took quite a while to cook.  Ross & I did a few each.  Mine had capsicum, cucumber and avocado.

And Ross used Wasabi, capsicum, cucumber and pickled ginger.

Guess what we are both having for lunch today!  I'll put the directions up on the weekend.  It was so much easier than I expected. 

The last dish was Tofu with Peas.  This was okay.  I love tofu and I love the spices we used (whole cumin seeds and tarragon) but it was cooked with fresh cooked tomatos which I don't like.  It is bizarre, I will eat canned crushed tomatos, but chop one up and cook it, and yuck.  It may be the chunks.

I am going to play with this recipe, maybe try substituting the fresh tomatos with canned and see how I go.  Because the tofu compnent was absolutely delish.  So once I have played a bit I will put my own version of the recipe up.


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Anonymous said...

Hi!! Everything is ok...just been really really busy at work and haven't had time to blog. Your cooking class looks fantasic! I might look at doing one here.....salad and salad gets a bit boring after a while :)