Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Reiki and Writing

I am very excited today.  I have enrolled for my Reiki Course.  I have wanted to do this for several years but the timing just hasn't been right.  But now I feel very strongly that it is time to do it.  I have been looking at different Reiki Teachers for a while and I honestly could not choose between 2 of them.  So I have decided to a class with each of them.  It is a bit expensive to do twice, but I feel I will get more out of it if I learn from more people.  The first one is at the end of this month and the other one is in the middle of April.

Tonight I have a Writing Class.  It is for writing Childrens Picture Books.  I have written a few but have not been brave enough to send them on to Publishers.  Since that is one of my goals this year I am doing this class so I can fine tune my books before choosing one to send off.

Now I know I haven't done my Daily Goals lately, but it has been because I have been som damn busy I am barely fitting all my 'have to's' in.  But I will start again and see how I go.

Todays Goals
1)  Drink 1.5L of water
2)  Ride to and from my class tonight
3)  Get all my work done so I can leave a bit early
4)  Try not to eat too much chocolate to get me through my late class tongiht
5)  No lovely bakery items for lunch....


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MelBird said...

I'll buy your book for my neice/nephew thats on its way :)