Wednesday, March 17, 2010

WhoGAF and Running

Last night, despite still being quite stiff, I decided to go for my walk to try and work out the stiffness from my fall.  It didn't take long to start feeling better so I decided to give running a go.  My previous best - 3 week ago - was 3 minutes and 20 seconds.  Can I just say...

FIVE MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so the last 2 minutes were more of a shuffle, but I kept it up and kept going.  About 2 minutes in and the oval started to fill with young footballers.  Not lovely sexy young 20-something footballers, mid-teen footballers.  I was instantly embarrassed and wanted to stop then I thought - WhoGAF!!!!!!!!!!  So I kept going.

By the time I finished the 5 minutes there were footballs flying everywhere and it was time to leave the oval.  I started walking on the footpath.  I wasn't planning on trying another run but I felt okay after a little while so wanted to go again.  But I was on the footpath and there were cars and people everywhere, and once again I was instantly embarrassed.  But - WhoGAF!!!!!!  Off I went.  Only another 2 minutes as I was feeling Monday nights fall.  Time to walk it out. 

I tried my newfangled super dooper new ankle braces.  Used them for the run, rode home in them then left them on for a couple for hours after.  And today - NO FOOT PAIN!!!!!!  YAY!   They work!  I am very pleased that I didn't waste the $50 they cost. :o)

This morning I went to the pool to try and work out the last of the stiffness.  I didn't swim swim, I did some kickboard, some breaststroke, some walking and some running on the spot in the deep end (the deep end is only 120cm).  Now I am sitting at work eating my oats with rice milk. YUM!

Daily Goals (I wrote these last night so the swimming is already done)
1)  Drink 6 glasses of water
2)  Stick to calories
3)  Don't eat junk at class
4)  Go swimming in the morning
5)  Be brave and share a story in class tonight



Jess @ THIR said...

YAY on the running!!! And I agree, WhoGAF, because I bet no one even saw you.

That is TOTALLY awesome, well done.

And I just remembered that I forgot my 5 things again, lol.

Linda50 said...

Hey Kylie - you need another ticker for your running. Great going - you'll be doing 30 mins before you know it.

Trace said...

Great work Kylie ... a real Fantastic job! Gold Star!!!
ox Trace

Debbie C said...

Kylie, life truly is much simpler with the WhoGAF attitude. I know this, but sometimes I forget. Thanks for the reminder, and great job on the running! xoxo

Alibongo said...

Good job!!! *clap clap clap*!!!!

MelBird said...

You never cease to inspire me :) Just don't forget you're capable of more than you think you are...keep pushing yourself and you'll continue to surprise yourself. xoxoxoxoxo!

Emz said...

Well done hun!! That is absolutely amazing. Running is HARD work, and 5 minutes of it is fantastic!! I couldn't run for 5 mins at the moment, nowhere near it. You are doing so well!! Love the WhoGAF mentality. People were probably looking at you thinking "I wish I could run" like I do when I see runners :P or "Good on her" which is another thing I think.

You rock, hun! Totally inspiring. xox