Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bike Saga Continues...

So this morning I got on Bluebell for my first ride since her unexpected hospital trip last week.  It seems I did not give her a thorough enough examination...  The front wheel is also buckled.  Not as badly as the back as she is still rideable, but buckled nonetheless.  Which means I need to get her to a bike shop (again) to have the wheel straightened out.  The gears are also slipping a bit, but Ross can fix that himself.  Sigh...

The good news is that I got out there and rode, even though I really did not feel like it.  Tonight after riding home I also need to go for a 45 minute walk.  I have a chiropractor appointment (after my meeting with the funeral director) so I am hoping to get there early and walk first.  My adjustments are always easier if I have exercised first so I may as well do it then.

Nothing else going on since yesterdays post so I'll leave it there.


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