Friday, September 24, 2010

Still Struggling

I have officially entered panic mode.  Between my Achilles injury and now this blasted cold that is making breathing difficult, I am so concerned that I will not be able to do our Heyson hike which is in only 3 weeks.  In fact, I am almost positive it will be too hard.  :o(

I am so disappointed.  Ross and I are going to cram training in, but at the moment it is just too hard to breathe.  We are preparing for the fact that we may not be doing this until next season (the trail re-opens in May).  I am hoping and praying all will be well, but it is too risky to do it when under-prepared as we will have no phone contact while we are out there.  Everyone please cross your fingers that I wake up tomorrow completely healed and can do this hike.

Nothing else really going on here.  I have a meeting tomorrow of a new Writers group that I am looking forward to, although I have not done any writing for the last month or so.  Life, as usual, gets in the way...

I probably won't get online much over the weekend, so have a great weekend and i will catch you all next week.


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