Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Couple of Days Rest

So I saw my chiropractor last night.  He is not 100% convinced the pain in my ankle is related to my back being out of whack.  I have had ankle and knee issues related directly to my back in the past - as a matter of fact, that is how my scoliosis was originally diagnosed - I kept twisting and spraining my right ankle, even without tripping or falling.

When they couldn't find a cause for the ankle problems Mum talked to her Chiropractor (a very 'out there' concept over 25 years ago) who suggested I come in for testing.  Turned out the reason my ankle was always swollen and sore was that my right hip was significantly lower than my left hip putting too much pressure on my ankle.  Turns out when I was hit by the car when I was 5, although no bones were broken, my hips were thrown so badly out of whack that scoliosis ended up forming.

Anyway, Mark adjusted and manipulated and as I always I felt 100 times better right away.  But he said there is some localised swelling around the Achilles that may not be a result of pressure from the back being out.  He has recommended a couple of days of anti-inflamatories and rest.  If it is still swollen and sore I may need to visit a Physio.

So days 2 & 3 of Heyson training have been abandoned.  And with no bike I can't even ride (although Ross is taking her back to the bike shop today to get looked at again).  Hopefully the ankle pain settles down enough in the next day or so that I can fully jump into Training.

Speaking of Training, Trace pointed out that I have not allowed for any rest days in this Training Plan.  So I will be revising it a bit and will post the new plan shortly.


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Anonymous said...

I know its still a bit cold and miserable but what about the pool? Its low impact but high least its something and you won't go so bonkers :)