Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Free The Bears at the Royal Show

Last night I did my first volunteer shift with Free the Bears at the Royal Adelaide Show.

Unfortunately numbers are way down at the years show, probably due to the weather, so it was a quiet night. A few very generous people made it worth our while though.  We chatted about the program, took donations, sold merchandise, and had a fun night.  It is a shame it was pretty quiet though.  Hopefully numbers pick up for them over the rest of the week.

I got in to the Show about an hour before my shift so had the chance to wander a bit.  I saw the photography exhibition, and the quilting exhibition.  Both amazing.  I also finally got myself a hat for hiking.  It is akubra style (although not the brand) and is water proof which is exactly what I need in case it rains.  They had pink ones there, but unfortunately only in XS and L, and I wear a medium.  So I got one that is a pale khaki with a brown & pink scarf around it.  It is very cool.


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