Friday, September 24, 2010

Wall Hanging Design

I just realised that I haven't shared this yet. :o)  I have finished the design for the wall hanging I want to do.

It will be quite big - about 1.5m x 1.2 m - but I want it to cover a large part of wall when we get our own place.  It will hang in our study.

The base will be done by machine and all the embellishments will be done by hand.  Each book will have a title on it, the vase in front will be padded, there will be real photos in the photo frames, and I have some other ideas to make it textured as well.

The colours will be different (I was limited by the colours in Word) but the overall effect will be the same.

Next step, start gathering the fabric!



Anonymous said...


Great design and I look forward to seeing how it developes..... but the vase/urn needs a base or it will roll over, and the bookcase needs some floor to sit on! I know .... I am being picky!

Judy B

Kylie said...

Hi Judy
The vase will have a flat base, I did this in Word and was limited by their shapes! LOL
I hadn't thought about a floor for the book case. Hmmm... I'll give it some thought. :o)

Emz said...

That looks amazing, Kylie!!! :D I cannot WAIT to see the finished product!!

Melissa said...

Way cool! I love designing my own - it's the actual creating that trips me up!

creativedawn said...

Beautifully designed! look forward to your creation coming to life!


Sharon-NZ said...

Cant wait to see the progress