Friday, November 12, 2010

Achilles Update

Well, the Achilles is still very sore.  Incredibly sore actually.  As such I have not yet got back on the bike as the pressure is hurting it.  I am back to the Physio next Tuesday so hopefully I can get some sort of relief.

I am sure it is not helped by the fact that I am retaining so much water at the moment that my feet literally feel as though they are going to burst through the skin.  I have never felt such incredible pressure in my feet before.  I have also never seen them quite this big before.  Even my thongs are tight...

So today I am trying to drink as much as possible and try to stay as far away from sodium as I can.  Hopefully I will start to "release" some of this water soon which will hopefully take some of the pressure off.

Any tips for getting rid of this water will be gratefully accepted.


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Megan said...

Sorry to hear your injury status hasn't improved Kylie :0(

As for getting rid of fluid retention - I followed a recommendation from Jillian Michaels a few years back. It was a concoction of 2 dandelion tea bags steeped in about 1.5L distilled water, with about 50ml cranberry juice added. Can't say it was the nicest thing I ever drank (actually it was pretty gross), but it did a good job. Finding the cranberry juice wasn't easy (I got it from a health food shop), but the dandelion tea and distilled water are both in supermarkets.

Hope you feel better soon.