Tuesday, November 9, 2010


You know what I realised - I have not been on Bluebell in about a month.  I do believe this is the longest I have gone without riding since I seriously got into it over 2 years ago...  It feels strange.

But tomorrow I am allowed back on the bike. YIPPEEEE!!!!

I have been giving a lot of thought to my fitness while I am not allowed to hike or run, and of course, I am lead back to the bike.  Old faithful.  The thing I started on and the thing I keep coming back to.

My fitness is not great.  I can no longer just pop out and do a 50km ride.  And I miss that.  So what to do.  Well, get that back is what to do! There is just under 8 weeks till the end of the year.  Can I do this?


If I stick with this by January 2 I will have my 50kms back.  I am building up slow, just adding 10-20% to my long ride each week.  My commute to work is nothing, I can still do that half asleep (and often do).  I am sure I will be able to crank out 20kms this weekend (I hope so anyway).  And from there is is just hop, skip and a jump to 50. :o)  That's my theory anyway.  Would love to know what you think of the plan.  And I will keep you updated - remind me if I forget.



Jess @ THIR said...

Brilliant plan :) Could do with one of those myself at the moment actually... lol.

Megan said...

I tried to leave a comment yesterday but the computer freaked out.

Anyway... your plan makes my butt hurt just looking at it lol. But it sounds awesome, and you and Bluebell will be flying around the streets again in no time. Look after that achilles, won't you!