Sunday, November 21, 2010

Weekend of Camping

I have had the most amazing weekend. It was brilliant.  And I know I usually share everything, but for some reason I feel like keeping a lot of this weekend to myself.  I had a few personal epiphanies and breakthroughs over the course of the 2 days, and I am still sorting through what a lot of it means. I also received several very loud messages (thank you butterflies, I understand) that I need to work through.

However please believe me when I say it was an amazing weekend.  The 2nd night we actually slept outside under the stars, something I have always wanted to do.  We also spent Saturday afternoon with two very dear friends who live not to far from the Forest that we camped in.  We went wine tasting (and bought several very yumscious wines), and just talked and laughed and truly enjoyed each other.  We haven't seen them in quite a while and it was incredible to reconnect.

My only issue with the entire weekend (aside from having to come home) is that I could not go hiking with Ross.  I actually went a little stir crazy, and spent this morning walking laps of the car park for over an hour just to try and get it out of my system. LOL My Achilles held up beautifully on the walk.  If I keep this up I should be able to hike again come January! YAY!

Here are some pics...

A very rare photo of me in a  very dorky (but very warm) hat. :o)

The nearly full moon shining through the trees.

Ninja Ross with his chiller scarf tied around his head.

Ross chillin' by the tent.

Ross stargazing, beer in hand, dork light on head...

We set up our beds outside Saturday night and slept the entire night out under the stars. The only problem - mozzies don't sleep and we left our mozzie bands home...

Sun rise through the trees. What a beautiful way to start the day.

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 6
I am grateful for amazing friends who love me and support me no matter what.  I am truly blessed to have these amazing people in my life.


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