Saturday, November 6, 2010

Started Sewing my Quilts

I finally got started today! I got up early and caught the bus to Mum's. First things first, sort out the colours. I had 2 Jelly Rolls & 1 Layer Cake with the same fabrics.  I needed them paired up, 40 different combinations of light and dark. That took a while. :o)

Then I looked at the pattern, decided I did not like the way it was put together, and set about working out the measurements for the way I wanted to do it.  By the time I did that, and got a few blocks cut, I only had time to put together 4 blocks.

Obviously I still need to quarter them, and rejoin them to make the Bento Box pattern, but I won't do that until I have done all the blocks. The pattern actually has you put them together by the quarter, but to me that seemed like a lot of extra work. I think they do that because they only had 2 quarters the same anywhere in the quilt. Because I am doing 2 quilts at the same time, I can do it this way which is much easier.

I am going back next Sunday to do some more.  And hopefully my old machine, which is in getting serviced, will be back so I can do some at home after that. :o)


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The little book of Nessie said...

Looks like a nice quilt in the making. Love the colours! Regards,