Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Quote of the Day
Courage and perseverance have a magical talisman,
before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish into air.
- John Quincy Adams

Whoodda thunk that 5 weeks off the bike would make such a massive difference.  Yesterday was HARD...  The morning ride was 8kms (normal) which I usually do in around 30-33 mins, depending on how tired I am and how long I wait at traffic lights.  That is because I take my time since I don't want to get sweaty as there are no showers at work.

Yesterday morning took 40 minutes.  And it was 40 HARD minutes. I was so sluggish.  It was dreadful.  The ride home was better.  I did 12.5kms, although I have no idea how long it took.  The 35 degree heat got to me though, and when my water got hot I started to feel quite ill.  I guess it was just the first heat of the year, combined with my general level of "un-fit-ness", that made me feel bleh.

This morning was better.  Took me about 36-37 mins to get here and that was with a killer head wind.  So I am pretty impressed with that. I am feeling good about my riding again which is good.

Which means I will be doing the Gear Up Girl ride on Sunday.  It is only going to be 19 degrees, so I won't have the heat to contend with.  I am a bit nervous as I have never ridden in a pack before. My plan is to stick to the back and as it starts to thin out just find a spot on my own.  It is 15kms, and afterwards I will ride home, so I will easily get the 23kms in I need for my 50km training plan.

As for my Achilles, I am off to the Physio for a check up tonight. It is feeling pretty good though. I went for a 30 minute walk yesterday morning, plus all my riding, and it is feeling good. The tendon next to it (I forget what it's called) is still tight, but it has only been 3 weeks since I started truly taking care of it, so I guess it will take time.  Hopefully the Physio is pleased with the progress.

100 Days of Gratitude - Day 8
Today I am grateful for the sunshine. Although I am a little bit pink right now, I am so glad that the sun is shining as it really does brighten the day in so many ways.


I have started a fundraising page for the Gear Up Girl ride, in support of the Heart Foundation. If anyone has a few dollars spare and would like to help out, it will be most appreciation.  Just click here to donate.
Thank you

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