Saturday, November 13, 2010


This morning started early-ish.  Due to my water "issues" I was up early.  Actually, more to the point I got so sick of getting up and going back to bed that I decided to stay up.  I got to work on my 3rd Stitchery.  I finished the 2nd one last night.

This morning I got through the 3rd.

So now that these are done it is back to my hexies.  I have done one more so now I only have 21 flowers to do before I start cutting the 700+ light green ones to join them all together. :o)

All this stitching was interspersed with householdy stuff.  As many of you know we are living with my MIL at the moment.  We have a little room that we have converted into our own living room (in addition to our bedroom).  Over winter it has turned into a junk room and I decided to get it back.  About half way through the day I realised that we need more drawers or storage tubs or something to get everything off the floor.

So I jumped on the tram and headed to Glenelg to get some storage tubs.  I ended up getting this instead...

Of course, I didn't think it through and had to bring it back home on the tram.  The tram ride was okay, it was carrying the 15kg awkward shaped box back home that was difficult...  I managed to get it home, although my Achilles is now flared up again. Sigh... I really can't wait to be back to normal again...

Anyway, I got home and assembled it myself, then got back to work on tidying and sorting.  I also filed 4 years worth of paperwork.  Yes, I was a little bit behind...  LOL  But now the room, although not finished, is usable again.

So now I am sitting here watching Buffy Season 1 (for about the 50th time) with my feet up.  I'll try and get another hexie flower done, although I am pretty exhausted so who knows.  Tomorrow I am off to Mum's to do some more on the Bento Box quilt.



Lucky-1 said...

I am so glad I have found your Blog Kylie, those stitchery are just so beautiful:)

sassy said...

They are such nice, colourful shelves. I have to lol at the thought of carrying those on the tram!!

creativedawn said...

Your stitcheries are beautiful! I love, love that shelving unit? Is is sitting on a desk or are they the large floor, almost to the ceiling bins...gotta be on the desk...way too much to be carrying if they are larger!! Phewwww! if that is what you were carrying. lol!


creativedawn said...

OMGoodness, took another look at the pic...You were definitely some kind of determined to get that unit home!!! Goodness! they are huge. Good for you! still, WOW!


The little book of Nessie said...

Love your stitches Kylie, the makings of a lovely quilt. Those are great tubs! Regards, Nessie